Life Happens.
Be Unshakably Rock Solid When It Does.

Rock Solid Financial empowers businesses, nonprofits & individuals to have a secure, prosperous present and future, no matter what life sends their way.

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What Are You Looking To Accomplish?

You are our focus. So, everything begins with you. The question is: What your goals are and what would you like to discuss first?

Wealth Accumulation

There are many ways to grow money. Which is you should use depends on your intentions.

College Savings

Starting early and choosing the right vehicle now gives you and your child the most options later.

Retirement Income

DJust because you save money, it doesn't mean you'll have sufficient income. Distribution is critical.


Health, life, dental, vision, disability, all has it's place in a solid financial plan.

Asset & Legacy Planning

Little tweaks make a HUGE difference in protecting your assets & the legacy you leave.

Business Solutions

One stop. All the solutions...from start up through business succession & exit / sale.

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How Much Insurance You Need?

Ever wonder how much life insurance you actually need? People ask us all the time. Here's the thing: We can give estimates in general. But, in the end, It's not for us to say. It should be based on what you want the insurance to do for you. CLICK HERE to calculate how much insurance you needs for your goals!

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Brokers Do It Better!

There's a difference between an independent insurance broker and an insurance agent. Most agents represent a single company and can only offer you the product / services that company has to offer.


We work with multiple companies and have access to more products. Because of that, we have the ability to be wholly customer-focused, offering you options that can be better customized to meet your needs.

  • Multiple carriers
  • Impartial Comparisons
  • Greater Cost Savings
  • Customized Solutions
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WEBINAR: 10X Your 401k

Learn how to take the nest egg you've been building provide for you 10-fold (and more)...for life! 

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"What an awesome experience..."

"What an awesome experience I had working with Mrs. Coffey to find the right plan. She was patient and was able to answer all my questions, along with following up in a timely manner. I really appreciate the great customer service she provided."
~ Curtis F.

The Rock Solid Financial Experience

The key to being (or becoming) rock solid financially is knowing the possibilities. That's what we do! We educate you on options you can take advantage of to handle everyday / life needs.

And, while we're great at that, we truly shine when it comes to strategic uses of insurance-based products. In that space, our focus is helping you to understand the possibilities of what insurance products can do for you (beyond common uses) when you use them as assets / tools strategically for solutions to life's challenges!

There's a WHOLE WORLD of uses beyond what many of us are taught (or thought) and we make it our mission to bring that knowledge to you. So, if you want to know better and do better, than you've come to the right place. 

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No-Obligation Consultations

We offer free, no strings attached consultations. All we ask is that, when we provide you with a solution that meets your goals, you allow us to put it in place.

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You've Got Options

We make our partner network work for YOU. Once we know your goals and must-haves, we research which carrier(s) can provide it and present those to you.

RSF Home Page - Expert Access - 500 x 333 Customer Focused Philosophy

We use technology to streamline all that we do to insure fast, efficient services that respect your time...while maintaining personal, human connection.

RSF Home Page - Expert Access - 500 x 333Expert Access
Expert Access

Our team of top experts have seen EVERYTHING. No matter your situation, we can help you accomplish your insurance-based, legal, financial, legacy, health and insurance goals!

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